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What is Performance Lab?

It is a training & analysis program that uses technology and performance data in tennis development. A balance of Quantiative(data) and Qualitative analysis (observation) to offer you a clear apporach to accelerated development and better performance

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Our Player Services

Leveraging technology in the advancement of tennis development and analysis. Feedback from video analysis software coupled with mounds of data and industry leading research, will provide measurable development and progress.

UTR Competition

Verified UTR Matches, with option for video match analysis powered by Dartfish

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Camp & Competition

This program will offer morning group and drill sessions and UTR match in the afternoon

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One-on-One virtual sessions to work on technical and tacital specifics from stroke or mathc analysis. 5 Week Footwork program ran by Coach Gary Kushnirovich

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College showcase

College Recruitment Video

Professional level video production for college applications

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Our Team

A dynmaic team of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Offering a very unique but advanced tennis training program, that guarantees improvement to your UTR

Why video and analysis?

"So much action happens across a college match, that is impossible for myslef and team to process. Video tagging allows for me to filter out relevant information to help my players"

Eric Rebhuhn
Former DI Coach 17yrs, Big-East Coach of the Year

"Much prefer smart court data ready instantaneously, BUT sometimes you have to make do with manual tagging for data collection."

Shane Liyanage
Data Sports & Visualization

"It does not matter whether a recording is created with amateur or professional-quality equipment, video analysis can elevate the standards of teaching and become instrumental in giving a competitive edge to both you and your students."

Nataliya Bredikhina
Former DI Player, PHD Student Sports Mgmt

"The ability for me to go over match or practice video gives me insights I may have missed real time. It helps me accelerate the developmental process of my students and makes their time more efficient"

Richard Bowie
High Performance Coach, USTA Eastern Faculty Coach


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